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Welcome to Communication Arts Competitions!

Why You Should Enter

Communication Arts' annual juried competitions recognize the best creative work being done today in visual communications. Winning entries are published in one of six Annuals—Interactive, Illustration, Photography, Typography, Design and Advertising—in print and digital editions, and on commarts.com, assuring important exposure to potential clients and colleagues.

Select a competition below to begin entering.

Competition Submission Deadline
 2022 Illustration Competition January 7, 2022
 2022 Photography Competition March 18, 2022
 2022 Design Competition May 6, 2022
 2022 Advertising Competition July 1, 2022
 2022 Typography Competition September 24, 2021
 2022 Interactive Competition October 29, 2021


Have a question? Contact us by phone (650) 326-6040 or email competition@commarts.com.